1000s of crushed drink bottles move Autobahn to standstill

It is certainly one of a many changed cargoes of all – thousands of litres of German beer, brewed according to a ancient Reinheitsgebot (purity law).

But a motorist of a lorry transporting a ethanol along a A9 Autobahn still unsuccessful to scrupulously secure it, Bayerische Rundfunk reports.

As he expostulate around a left-curving territory in a highway only north of Bayreuth, a 230 crates detonate by a trucks tarp and ejected their load 100 metres opposite a bustling road’s 3 lanes.

Fortunately, no one was harmed in a accident

It took several hours for a waste to be privileged from a lanes, as a motorway was totally close down.

The motorist can now design a estimable excellent for his carelessness.

This frequency a initial time that Germany’s inhabitant splash has caused a finish close down of a German Autobahn.

In Nov 2015 a spillage of thousands of cans of a golden splash close down a motorway nearby Hanover. In 2014, meanwhile, a lorry carrying Bitburger splash defeated over nearby Duisburg, also heading to a shutdown.

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