Angel Zarate: “There are no problems, only challenges”

And that’s how, in 2010, Zarate and a friend came to found the “Sinergia Filantrópica de México (SFM)”, initially with a key focus on environmental protection. In 2012, SFM launched its after-school programmes for disadvantaged children. However, Angel Zarate and his companions still had a lot to learn about the workings of a non-governmental organisation. “In truth, we had no idea what was what. We were absolute beginners”, he said in hindsight. But Angel Zarate did not give up – and with time he came to realise that a Master’s degree course would be useful. It was then he found out about DAAD’s Helmut Schmidt Programme in the field of public policy and good governance. Or more precisely, he discovered the Osnabrück-based course “Management in Non-profit Organisations”. And in December 2014, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) approved his scholarship. Angel Zarate is enthusiastic about his course, especially the close and intensive exchange with his lecturers whom he can approach directly to discuss any questions he has. Zarate passes on his knowledge directly to his team at SFM and is thus constantly building up the organisation’s professional profile.

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