Angelina Davydova: ‘The topics of climate and sustainability are becoming increasingly important in Russia’

Name: Angelina Davydova:
Lives in: Sankt Petersburg, Russia
Country of origin: Russia
Period in Germany: Internship with the Ministry for Urban Development and Environment in Hamburg 2009
Occupation: Environmental journalist

The university-educated economist and journalist Angelina Davydova heads the Russian-German Office of Environmental Information (RNEI) and teaches journalism at the university in St. Petersburg. In addition, she has been an observer of UN climate protection negotiations since 2008.

Ms Davydova, here in Germany, the term ‘sustainability’ has been a key theme of the environment debate for many years. More recently, the term ‘sustainable consumption’ has become more of an issue, shifting responsibility to each and every one of us. Am I right in thinking that this is not such a major issue in Russia?

Angelina Davydova: I have been dealing intensively with environmental and sustainability issues since 2008. During this time, awareness of this topic has increased a great deal in Russia. In 2008 it was at best considered something for ‘eco-freaks’. Today it’s a topic that has truly gone mainstream. At least in the bigger cities and amongst younger people who are interested in the world around them, and who travel and read online media. For these people, future-oriented issues such as sustainable consumption have a much greater significance than before.

What role do the media play in this?

Angelina Davydova: Topics such as the environment, climate and sustainability are getting more attention in the Russian media landscape too, and are also increasingly found across the board in mainstream media, from online and print media to television. As a freelance author, I myself write regularly not only for various environmental news media but also for ‘Kommersant’, one of the leading daily newspapers in Russia.

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