Australian Dion Lee a engineer for all seasons

SYDNEY: Fashion sell is experiencing a seismic shift: a assembly is global, seasons are increasingly irrelevant and a arise of amicable media means consumers don’t wish to wait for runway styles.

Designer Dion Lee, a breakthrough star of Australian conform who has worked with Kanye West and whose garments are ragged by a likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Cate Blanchett, understands such hurdles improved than most.

Lee is uninformed from Fashion Week Australia, a showcase of a country’s best designers that this year centered on ‘resort’ wear – a concentration that saw bikinis and bright, billowing prints strike a runways during events attended by internal retailers and general buyers.

American Vogue pronounced he had “come of age as a New York conform designer” in a examination of his Feb uncover during a city’s prestigious conform week. He will lapse there this week for another showcase and spends most of his time in a city, though Lee still sees himself as an Australian designer.

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