Bakhrom Radjabov on ‘Do It Yourself Garbage Lab’

How did you get involved in the ‘DIY Garbage Lab’?

Bakhrom Radjabov: Following two workshops in Tashkent, which saw local social inventors working with international experts, our team in the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) came up with the idea of setting up a ‘social innovation laboratory’ in Uzbekistan. Then we looked for ways to put our theoretical ideas into practice. Someone suggested using waste, and we all laughed.

But then we started developing it as a serious idea, applied for funding from UNDP, and got the project up and running. We quickly became really enthusiastic about the first prototype – and more and more volunteers are now sharing our passion.

How have people responded to your project, and how happy are you with the support that you receive for your work?

Bakhrom Radjabov: There has been a really positive response to the ‘DIY Garbage Lab’! I’ve been supported by my community, the Alumniportal Deutschland’s #MissionResponsible competition, and all the people who have read my blog. Thank you all! 

How do you plan to use the prize money of 300 Euros?

Bakhrom Radjabov: We don’t need much money for this incredibly environmentally-friendly, innovative project – all we need is garbage! So we’re going to use the prize money to buy nails, hammers, saws, paint and brushes to turn waste into something useful. With these tools, the DIY team will be able to continue holding lots of DIY events.

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