Berlin politician crusades for health of skateboarding dog

“To what border is a district bureau wakeful of a conditions that for months now a bulldog has been seen skateboarding on Alexanderplatz daily?” internal deputy for Berlin Mitte Martina Matischok-Yesilcimen asked in a created doubt on May 12th.

It’s not tough to find traces of a skateboarding dog – whose name is variously reported as “Buddy” or “Lenin” in internal media – on YouTube and other amicable media.

His owners was even interviewed by a Berliner Kurier in January, and pronounced that “he [the dog] loves station in front of an audience”.

To many people a philharmonic competence demeanour like submissive fun designed to acquire a few coppers from tourists and yield a moment’s party amid a bustling crowds of a transport and selling heart underneath a famous TV tower.

But Matischok-Yesilcimen, Social Democratic Party personality in Mitte, has questions about a animal’s welfare.

In her created question, a deputy asks either district vets have examined Lenin and either a conditions competence be an infringement opposite animal insurance laws.

But so distant a precinct authorities have not encountered a four-wheeled pooch in their patrols of a area.

“There was no justification of a participation of a dog owners with a dog roving a skateboard” when vets looked into it, a answer from a district read.

“There would be risk to a dog’s contentment if services were being demanded of it related with pain and pang to a animal,” a answer continues.

But they supplement that “a settlement [on a dog’s condition] is unfit but watching a animal” – that so distant they haven’t been means to do, notwithstanding tweets going behind to 2014 describing a identical performance.

“Just crazy irritating people and a bulldog on a skateboard in a center of it. Alexanderplatz is like a internet in genuine life,” one chairman wrote roughly dual years ago.

Whether Lenin’s shredding abilities compare those of Otto a bulldog, who set a Guinness universe record by skateboarding by a legs of 30 people in Peru in 2015, has nonetheless to be determined.

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