Brexit: Bad for Europe, awful for a UK

Sven Giegold, a German MEP who has been concerned in most of a EU legislation inspiring a account attention in new years, is not a male to chop his words.We

The City of London, a UK’s financial heart and a European domicile of many of a world’s biggest item managers should not design any special diagnosis as Britain negotiates to leave a EU in a arise of a new referendum, he says.

Britain voted by 51.9 per cent to disjoin a attribute with a EU.

The 46-year-old says: “Brexit is bad for Europe and awful for a UK. People were not told a law about a costs [of voting to leave a EU].

Mr Giegold, who has been an MEP given 2009, says that for a UK’s financial centre to be means to entrance a EU’s 500m citizens, Britain will have to continue to compensate into a European bill and concede giveaway transformation into a nation by EU citizens.

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