Cabinet to plead Khalil’s mercantile report

Joreige pronounced a Cabinet will also reason a unchanging assembly Thursday with a ubiquitous agenda, in further to a special event on Jul 27 to plead fluctuating licenses for Lebanon’s dual mobile operators.

In presenting his news during final week’s Cabinet session, Khalil highlighted a significance of flitting a state bill as an essential pierce to tackle a mercantile and financial crisis.

Khalil, who belongs to Speaker Nabih Berri’s bloc, Sunday renewed his call for a choosing of a boss and an agreement between a opposition factions on a new voting complement to reinstate a contested 1960 law.

Last week, Parliament unsuccessful for a 42nd time over some-more than dual years to assemble to elect a boss due to a miss of quorum, call Berri to set a new event for Aug. 8 .

However, notwithstanding a domestic predicament and mercantile problems confronting a country, LF personality Samir Geagea pronounced Lebanon is still in good shape.

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