Far-right AfD turns on itself over unsuccessful Muslim meeting

Speaking to publication Bild, Meuthen pronounced that his celebration colleagues had unsuccessful to scrupulously ready for a assembly with Aiman Mazyek, boss of a Central Council of Muslims.

“With a assembly like this we need to clearly conclude what will be discussed, that clearly wasn’t a case” he said.

Meuthen was not benefaction during a meeting, that was attended by Petry and celebration colleagues Albrecht Glaser and Armin-Paul Hampel.

Mazyek had invited Petry to talks after AfD members voted for a celebration declaration progressing this month job for a array of measures targeted during Islam, including bans on minarets and face veils being ragged in public.

The Muslim personality had labelled a AfD “Nazis” in response to a leadership’s skeleton before they were reliable by members during a celebration association and pronounced he hoped to use a assembly to remonstrate Petry to repel those tools of a platform.

Petry told reporters on Monday that she pennyless off a assembly after Mazyek refused to repel his comparison between a AfD and a Third Reich.

Glaser reliable to Bild that a 3 AfD member had concluded among themselves before a assembly that they would not plead any other issues before Mazyek withdrew a comparison.

“That was a opening that Aiman Mazyek had to pass by before we would speak about things with calm with him,” he said.

Mazyek told a Rheinische Post he is still open to discussions “with reasonable members of a AfD.”

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