Far-right tries to captivate electorate with own-brand sticking bears

Perhaps they see it as an remedy to their leadership’s sour-faced radio appearances.

Perhaps it’s a counsel poke in a eye to a hated magnanimous investiture during a time when sugarine is being talked about in a media in a same terms as tobacco.

Then again, after their struggles to financial elections – which could land celebration personality Frauke Petry in court – and their inability to sell bullion as they once did to lift money, maybe a AfD see a as a quite blurb venture.

Whatever a reason, a populist celebration have started offered their possess sticking bears on their website.


Offered underneath a tagline “discover a honeyed side of a AfD” – a sale of tiny sugar guzzlers is an apparent acknowledgment that not most else about a anti-Islam celebration leaves a quite good ambience in a mouth.

The small candy are hermetic in appealing blue AfD packaging, so it’s unfit to tell either a populist celebration have taken confectionery recommendation from their friends in Pegida and motionless to abandon a novel liquorice variety.

But anyone tempted by a allure of a worried sticking bear, be warned. This is an all-or-nothing deal.

The bears usually come in packs of 500, costing €60 a pop.

So, rather like voting for a distant right celebration during elections, you’d improved be darned certain you’re still going to like them 5 years down a line.

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