Five things President Trump could mean for Germany

1. Foreign policy concerns

“With Trump in the White House, a man has been elected to the most important office in the world who can’t control himself, who has no political experience, who takes criticism as personal assault, and who is clearly motivated by vengeance.”

AfD leader Frauke Petry and Georg Pazderski, AfD leader in Berlin. Photo: DPA

“They can now say ‘look the situation in the US is similar to here. The media and all the other parties don’t like us, but in America you see that the true will of the people is on Trump’s side, and in Germany the true people’s will is on our side’,” Koschmieder said.

“They will try and use that to mobilize people who would have normally not voted, but could now be persuaded that things can be changed.

“This is no new strategy, but of course the AfD are looking exactly at what Trump has done and how he was successful, and of course they are looking to learn from that.”

3. German startups have a lot of questions


Photo; DPA.

“Our interest is to have an America that is willing to take responsibility and is open-minded.”

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