Footballer Özil’s Mecca revisit was unpatriotic, contend AfD

Andrea Kersten, conduct of a Alternative for Germany (AfD) in Saxony, told Die Welt that Özil’s event was a “publicity stunt” that sent “an anti-patriotic signal.”

“When Özil frequently doesn’t sing along to a inhabitant anthem, we are ostensible to provide it as his possess private matter. But when he goes on event to Mecca Tagesspiegel [a left-leaning daily newspaper] tells people it is ‘a pointer for some-more bargain and integration.”

Özil, who plays in a English Premier League for Arsenal FC, uploaded a design on May 22nd and a response of fans was overwhelmingly positive.

One called it “a pointer for inter-religious peace, a pointer for Germany, a pointer for Europe and a rest of this vibrated universe going to pieces! True Islam is – as any other one – a sacrament of assent and understanding, not of terrorism and disuniting mankind! Well done, Mesut!”

Many others described how their honour for a actor had increasing given saying a picture.

But Kersten saw things differently, revelation Die Welt it was a pointer of “a universe left wrong” when someone is praised by thousands of people and a media for creation a event to Mecca.

Praising Özil for this is “currying foster with a an beliefs in that there is no equivalence between group and women, in that homosexuals are threatened with genocide and in that honour killings are seen as justified,” pronounced a AfD politician.

In Islam nationalism is seen as remaining “while magnificent avowal to Islam is seen as exemplary,” she said.

With a European Championships around a corner, Germany’s inhabitant football players have once again come into a open spotlight, and this is only one in a array of controversies involving distant right comments on inhabitant group figures.

The emissary personality of a AfD recently told a inhabitant newspaper that Germans “don’t wish to have a Boateng as a neighbour,” referring to Jerome Boateng, one of a many comparison total in a inhabitant group who’s father in from Ghana.

Last week, members of a anti-Islam Pegida transformation sparked debate when they took to Facebook to conflict members of a inhabitant football group with migrant backgrounds.

Pegida supporters complained when childhood photos of players including Boateng, as good as midfielders Mesut Ozil and Ilkay Gundogan, were used in a selling debate for Ferrero’s Kinder chocolate in a run-up to a UEFA Euro football championships, due to be hold in France in June.

The AfD, founded on a eurosceptic height 3 years ago, has vocally protested Germany’s record interloper liquid that brought some-more than one million haven seekers to Europe’s tip economy final year alone.

The celebration won several informal public seats in new state elections.

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