Former U.S. warrant Sutherland dies

Thomas Sutherland, who was hold serf in Lebanon for some-more than 6 years until he was liberated and returned home to turn highbrow emeritus during Colorado State University, has died.Sutherland died in Fort Collins Friday during a age of 85, according to Colorado State University, where he taught animal scholarship until he left to turn vanguard of a Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science during American University of Beirut.

Sutherland was one of a series of Americans in Lebanon – including Associated Press business arch Terry Anderson – who were kidnapped by a organisation in a 1980s.

When Sutherland was liberated in 1991, he returned to CSU and served as highbrow emeritus. The Denver Post reported Sutherland took adult behaving in his early ’70s and donated millions to area humanities organizations.

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