Frangieh stands belligerent in competition for presidency

MP Sleiman Frangieh vowed Friday to stay in a presidential race, denying reports that he will crawl out in preference of MP Michel Aoun.

He also stressed that former Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s beginning final year ancillary a Marada Movement leader’s assignment for a presidency still stood and stays valid.

Machnouk also pronounced that a Future Movement so distant was committed to ancillary Frangieh’s candidacy for a presidency.

I would like to attest that this speak is baseless, doesn’t exist and was not proposed,” Frangieh told reporters after a assembly with Speaker Nabih Berri during a latter’s chateau in Ain al-Tineh.

He reiterated that he would not mount opposite any inhabitant understanding on subsidy Aoun or any other claimant for a presidency.

The presidential competition is pitting Frangieh, who is upheld by Berri, Hariri, MP Walid Jumblatt and some eccentric lawmakers, opposite Aoun who is corroborated by Hezbollah, some of a Mar 8 allies and a Lebanese Forces.

Frangieh also pronounced he was in sum agreement with Berri over a presidency issue.

Harb, who has uttered his support for Frangieh’s candidacy, pronounced he was not assured of electing Aoun as president.

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