German populist celebration slams Muslim soccer actor Ozil

The conflict comes a week forward of a start of Euro 2016 in France, and tough on a heels of racially adverse remarks about another German footballer, Jerome Boateng, from a member of a same Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

In an talk published on Sunday in a journal Die Welt, AfD co-leader Frauke Petry indicted Ozil, before of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid though now with Londoners Arsenal, of environment a bad instance for children.

“It’s a empathize Mesut Ozil, someone so many children and teenagers brand with, does not sing a inhabitant anthem,” she was quoted as saying.

She also indicted him of pomposity after a design on amicable media final month showed Ozil, who hails from Germany’s Turkish community, posing during a Islamic holy site of Mecca.

In a curtsy to Ozil’s lifestyle, Petry said: “He doesn’t live according to a manners of sharia.”

“At any rate, a women he hangs around with don’t wear a veil,” she said. “But we competence wish to ask Ozil if he wanted to send a domestic message.”

Petry also reiterated her party’s position that Islam is unconstitutional and pronounced it was formidable to pull a eminence between an Islamist and a Muslim.

Last week AfD politician Alexander Gauland came underneath glow for observant many Germans would not wish Boateng, whose father is Ghanaian, as their neighbor — a criticism Chancellor Angela Merkel’s orator cursed as “vile and sad.”

The AfD co-chief elaborated on his views in comments to news weekly Der Spiegel, claiming that veteran football is “no longer a doubt of inhabitant identity” though “ultimately a doubt of money.”

He also pronounced he found Ozil’s tour to Mecca “hard to get used to.”

German football association boss Reinhard Grindel flew to a counterclaim of his players and insisted that Germans welcomed farrago on a football field.

The German group duration expelled a video underneath a sign “We are Diverse” display a players’ faces together.

Grindel on Friday pronounced that “the call of magnetism with Jerome Boateng and Mesut Ozil shows that opposite multitude a inhabitant group is deliberate a really successful instance of integration.”

“Millions of Germans are unapproachable of this inhabitant group since it’s a approach it is, since it has people from migrant backgrounds in the ranks and since what depends is not someone’s start or sacrament though their performance.”



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