Hanover teen stabbed military officer ‘on orders from Isis’

Teenager Safia S. described in discuss conversations how she had trafficked to Turkey and been in hit with “employees” of Isis, the Süddeutsche Zeitung and broadcasters NDR and WDR reported.

The discuss logs serve uncover that rather than travelling on to Syria from Turkey, Safia S. had had a “change of plans” when Isis members asked her to go behind to Germany and means a “surprise for a unbelievers,” military sources told journalists.

“They told me it would be of good use,” she reportedly said. Other passages uncover a lady articulate about a “martyrdom operation”.

As it incited out, Safia’s mom was a one to fetch her behind from Turkey shortly before a knife conflict in that she left a womanlike sovereign military officer badly wounded in a throat.

There are “grounds for suspecting that behind a act was a a petrify instruction from ranking members of a supposed Islamic state,” a mouthpiece for sovereign prosecutors told a Süddeutsche Zeitung.

But Safia S.’s counterclaim lawyer, Mutlu Günal, pronounced that claims she had an “assignment from Syria” were “nonsense, that’s not true”.

Paris attacks ‘my favourite day’

Other conversations available in Safia’s discuss logs embody one in that she described a November attacks in Paris, in that Isis terrorists killed 130 people with bombs and guns, as her “favourite day” – “because the lions were in movement in Paris”.

The Hanover stabbing has left German confidence officials scrambling to examine other probable enemy sent by Isis to lift out attacks in Germany.

Safia S. is now underneath detain on guess of attempted murder and ancillary a unfamiliar militant organization.

Those she chatted with are also underneath review for unwell to news a crime.

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