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The commitments of German companies are approaching to be a initial thing some people consider about when anyone refers to German-Mexican ties. Collaboration between Siemens and partners in a Latin American country, for example, reaches behind to a year 1894, when a organisation non-stop a technical bureau in Mexico City. The activities of many other companies have also done Germany Mexico’s fifth largest trade partner today: 2015 saw a volume of business strech a value of roughly 17.5 billion US dollars. Some 125,000 employees in Mexico work directly for German companies. Germany Year in Mexico 2016/2017 creates a import­ance of this team-work transparent and offers a height for anticipating even larger potential. However, this is positively not usually about business.

“Mexico is an critical partner of Germany in moulding a tellurian questions of a future,” pronounced Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier during a commencement of Jun during a opening of a Year of Germany. “That is because we wish to rise a political, mercantile and informative team-work serve and network a societies some-more closely together.” Over 1,000 projects, exhibitions and discussions are designed here in a march of a Year. The pretension of this programme is “Alliance for a Future”.

Joint work on innovations and tellurian believe send are during a concentration of courtesy here. To a certain border there is a approach line heading from a early rendezvous of German record firms in Mexico to a programme of a Year of Germany in 2016/2017. One plan involving 10 Mexican universities, for example, is focusing on visions of civic mobility. Raúl Rojas, a IT highbrow and robotics consultant who teaches in Berlin, is advancing a growth of tomorrow’s intelligent pushing complement jointly with researchers from his local country.

The informative prominence of a Year of Germany in Mexico will be an muster of a works of Otto Dix, that will go on uncover in Monterrey, Mexico City and San Luis Potosí until Jul 2017. Some 100,000 visitors are expected. Other informative areas also play a purpose in a Year of Germany. For example, Germany is a guest nation during a children’s and girl people’s book satisfactory in Mexico City. Candida Höfer, one of a best famous member of a supposed Dusseldorf School of Photography, is realising a plan in a collateral city too. In addition, member of contemporary dance in a twin countries are operative on coproductions underneath a pretension “Erbe in Echtzeit – Humboldt revisited”.

Yes, Humboldt: a healthy 
scientist is deliberate a owner of German-Mexican friendship. Intellectually, he represents a beliefs underpinning a Year of Germany: a holistic educational ideal, 
the high value of team-work and a thought of transdisciplin­ary networking. These were also emphasised by Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, President of a Goethe-Institut, during a launch of a programme. The Goethe-Institut in Mexico has taken on a charge of coordinating a Year of Germany in a country. “The Year of Germany enables us to uncover how business, investigate and enlightenment can work together for a mutual benefit.”

The Federation of German Industries (BDI) is also participating in a physique obliged for a Year of Germany, that is chaired by a Federal Foreign Office. Among other things, BDI President Ulrich Grillo emphasised a need for clarity and a opportunities offering by twin vocational preparation mixing fanciful and unsentimental learning. “German attention offers Mexico a possibility to work together on tolerable solutions.” Grillo is also a member of a Board of Trustees for a Year of Germany, that was allocated for a initial time. The Board includes Doris Dörrie, film director, Andreas Renschler, member of a Volkswagen Board of Management, Rolando Villazón, singer, Margret Wintermantel, President of a German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and Reinhard Zinkann, Ex­ecutive Director and Co-Proprietor of Miele.

The Year of Mexico in Germany will be using during a same time as a Year of Germany in Mexico. A vital muster of Mexican informative treasures will be on arrangement during a Martin Gropius Building in Berlin until 
7 Aug 2016: it is entitled “The Maya – Language of Beauty”. The opening of a muster in Apr 2016 also launched a Year of Mexico in Germany. ▪

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