‘I’m really not a paedophile’: ashamed MP

The news repelled Germany when it emerged in early 2014.

Sebastian Edathy, a rising star of a Social Democratic Party (SPD) had quit his pursuit “due to ill health” usually a few days before investigators searched his home and parliamentary office.

His name was featured on a customer list of a Canadian association that sole exposed videos of children to business all over a universe for several years commencement in 2005.

Edathy was systematic to compensate €5,000 to a good means by judges in a arise of a liaison – usually for the child abuse gift that was ostensible to accept a income to reject a payment since of a inlet of his offence.

The income was eventually given to a Lower Saxony Youth Fire Brigade.

But, a MP’s flaw also claimed a scalp of Agriculture Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich – a initial member of Merkel’s cupboard to renounce following elections in 2013.

While portion as Interior Minister, Friedrich of a regressive Christian Social Union (CSU) warned SPD personality Sigmar Gabriel of a review into Edathy interjection to his absolved entrance to a police.

Now Edathy has come brazen to offer his possess chronicle of events in an interview with a Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) magazine.

‘Misguided curiosity’

The politician – who a SZ reports now lives in an undisclosed plcae in north Africa – claims that “misguided curiosity” led him to compensate for a videos of exposed children.

“These films had zero to do with [sexual] posing or pornography,” Edathy said.

“Everything we systematic was found [by investigators] to be usually as we evaluated it myself, namely not punishable underneath German law.”

But while Edathy claims that he is “definitely not a paedophile,” with “no passionate seductiveness in under-aged children,” he acknowledges that he competence be a “borderline” case.

“I don’t wish to order that out,” he told a SZ.

“What we was indicted of could have something to do with not vital a full passionate life for a prolonged time,” he added.

He complains in a talk of vital off assets and a munificence of kin – and of pang from suicidal thoughts since of his dour destiny outlook.

Now Edathy wants to lapse to Germany to sign a polite kinship with his partner, a hotel manager – nonetheless he is certain to be a concentration of a charge of media courtesy if he does so.

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