Joreige announces measures to assist media

Information Minister Ramzi Joreige Tuesday announced a set of legislative measures he hopes will assist struggling newspapers and a state-run radio channel.

Fadlallah echoed Joreige’s remarks. He emphasized that a state of Tele Liban is deteriorating, generally during a executive level.

Tele Liban was launched in 1959, creation it Lebanon’s oldest radio station.

Joreige and Fadlallah elaborated on a breeze law that aims to lessen a apocalyptic state of Lebanon’s newspapers and yield financial remit and incentives.

Joreige also suggested that Nilesat has motionless to resume operations in Lebanon, months after a Egyptian satellite provider stopped broadcasting.

The association says it ceased operations usually after a agreement with a Lebanese supervision expired.

A series of other internal Lebanese channels remained permitted around Nilesat notwithstanding a company’s announcement.

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