LinkedIn squeeze bizarre though savvy pierce for Microsoft chief

You have a association that has an enviable, if solemnly declining, authorization and a sad record of executing large-scale acquisitions.

Well, we are clearly not Satya Nadella, for this latter trail is a one that Microsoft’s arch executive has only chosen.

LinkedIn might have a outrageous network, with 430m purebred users. But it is not transparent how a business fits together with Microsoft; still reduction how Mr Nadella can use it to expostulate a group’s destiny growth.

In principle, of course, these incentives do not stop Mr Nadella from maximising money flows from a blurb program business.

That means ludicrous some of those money flows into high form acquisitions such as LinkedIn, or investments in sparkling though really capricious ventures such as Microsoft’s “augmented reality” project, HoloLens.

In Microsoft’s case, these seem designed to inspire Mr Nadella to act as if he’s using an Apple or a Facebook – tech companies that are during a forefront of consumer innovation.

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