Much lauded negotiator for the EU

Helga Schmid assumed one of the most important diplo­matic posts in Brussels at the beginning of September 2016: she is the new Secretary General of the European External 
Action Service (EEAS). The EEAS maintains the European 
Union’s diplomatic relations with other countries and supports the High Rep­resentative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and 
Security Policy, Federica ­Mogherini, in implementing EU foreign policy. When the EEAS was set up in 2010, Helga Schmid was appointed as its Deputy Secretary General.

The negotiations on a nuclear agreement with Iran are considered Schmid’s diplomatic masterpiece. Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier also referred to Schmid’s role in these talks when he congratulated her on the appointment: “It is due not least to her skill, creativity and determin­ation that we did not give up during the many years of negoti­ations with Iran and kept finding new approaches which 
ultimately led to the Vienna agreement on Iran’s nuclear 
programme last summer.”

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