NATO to strengthen 
fight opposite traffickers

The investiture of a NATO corps organisation in Lithuania and a quarrel opposite traffickers in a Aegean are dual of a topics that participants will be deliberating during a NATO limit in Warsaw on 
8 and 9 July. Decisions on supposed re­assurance measures in Eastern Europe will be implemented with a deployment of infantry in Lithuania. Several options have been underneath discussion, one of that envisages a heading purpose for Germany. There are also skeleton for a deployment of adult to 250 Bundeswehr soldiers as partial of a battalion. Final decisions should be done in Warsaw. Furthermore, ­NATO intends to guard a movements of refugees in a 
waters between Greece and Turkey in 
future. This was concluded during a assembly of NATO counterclaim ministers in Brussels in February. Germany upheld this proposal. The idea is to expose how a traffickers work and stop a gangs involved, says Federal 
Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen.

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