Nine injured after freight train crashes into bus in Osnabrück

The crash took place at around 8.30am when the train hit the back of the bus which stood stationary on the tracks, according to the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (NOZ).

NOZ initially reported that the bus was a school bus, but later updated the article to describe it as a rail replacement bus. The collision took place within the vicinity of a train station at Melle-Westerhausen.

The bus had stopped to let people out but still had its rear end on the tracks. When a passenger alerted the driver to the oncoming train, he tried to close the doors. But when they failed to close he was unable to move the vehicle, NOZ reports.

Emergency services have arrived at the scene and have deployed helicopters among other vehicles.

Police reported that nine people were injured in total, two of whom seriously. The injured were brought to hospital.

NOZ reports that the train driver and the bus driver were among the injured, and that the train driver was in shock.

Police said that they could not yet determine the cause of the accident.

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