North and easterly Germany subsequent to face extreme storms

While a west of a nation is set to humour underneath some-more storms during first, a bad continue will build in a north and easterly as Monday goes on and in a late afternoon clever storms are to be expected.

The DWD warns that accost storms and complicated sleet are expected and that accost is expected to raise adult on a ground, posing a risk to drivers.

In a latest continue warning, published during only after midday on Monday, an area of Brandenburg north-east of Berlin was given a critical continue warning.

A continue news shows areas in orange as being during evident risk of being strike by a storm. Green signals no continue warning. Source: DWD 

The mass of atmosphere carrying a storms is travelling ever serve north, Martin Jonas from a DWD told a Süddeutsche Zeitung.

“But when and where a a subsequent one hits is unfit for us to contend exactly,” he said.

The south of a nation was traffic with a consequences of peep flooding on Monday morning that left during slightest 3 people dead.

But a southern states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria are set to have some-more pleasing continue that will palliate clear-up efforts. The DWD has carried all continue warnings for a south solely in a really southwestern dilemma of a nation and a French-Swiss border.

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