Police ‘find Isis paraphernalia’ at terror suspect’s home

Special police forces have been searching the apartment of a 27-year-old man arrested on Wednesday over a suspected bomb plot in Eisenhüttenstadt, Brandenburg.

Investigators said that they discovered “only small amounts of pyrotechnic products” and that “there is also evidence of a possible closeness to Isis”.

But police said that they did not find evidence of a planned attack and that the man seemed “not mentally stable”.

The man is reportedly a German citizen and witnesses said that he “had converted to Islam”.

A police chief told Bild tabloid newspaper that officers had found seven posters with Isis symbols, an airsoft Kalashnikov gun, a camouflage suit, a protective vest, a gas mask, 37 “partly banned” firecrackers with black powder and cannabis.

But a concrete connection to Isis has not been found.

Brandenburg’s Minister President Dietmar Woidke had said previously that the arrest had been made over a suspected “planned terrorist act” with a possible Islamist background, but the investigation would clarify the situation.

Prior reports that the man had been planning an attack aimed at a town festival at the end of August could also not be confirmed.

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