Qaraoun Lake leads a delayed though certain death confronting pollution

Health Minister Wael Abu Faour pronounced over a weekend that a miss of oxygen in a Qaraoun Lake was behind a genocide of fish, adding that wickedness in a Western Bekaa synthetic Lake was chronic. “It hasn’t been valid that there’s a cause that unexpected emerged and led to a genocide of this series of fish,” Abu Faour told a news discussion after furloughed a lake.

He pronounced that a Health Ministry, a National Council for Scientific Research and a Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute have resolved that a Qaraoun Lake suffered from a ongoing wickedness problem and that a fish have gradually died due to miss of oxygen.

The Qaraoun Lake is an synthetic lake shaped by a dam on a Litani River in a Bekaa Valley.

The World Bank pronounced Friday it had authorized a $55 million loan to revoke wickedness issuing into a Qaraoun Lake.

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