Questions sojourn about murdering of San Diego policeman

San Diego military were perplexing to establish either a sharpened that killed a maestro officer and bleeding another was a counsel attack.

Hours later, a route of blood led to a bleeding think who remained hospitalized in vicious condition, while a second male described usually as a intensity think was prisoner after an hours-long SWAT deadlock Friday.

San Diego’s mayor and military arch designed to answer media questions during noon Saturday during a sanatorium where a bleeding officer is recovering.

Zimmerman pronounced it was different either a San Diego conflict was premeditated.

Police gave no serve information about Gomez or his purpose in a shootout solely to contend he was a suspect.

During a hunt for a second male described as a “potential” suspect, residents were systematic to stay in their homes via a night as San Diego military and officers from other law coercion agencies scoured yards, streets and alleys.

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