Revenge kill claims immature Hujeiri’s life

Fears of a narrow-minded dispute rose in a northern Bekaa Valley Tuesday after a family of a infantryman killed by militants around dual years ago allegedly kidnapped and executed an easterly Lebanon male they indicted of impasse in a crime.

The physique of 20-year-old Hussein Mohammad Hujeiri, a nephew of argumentative Arsal Sheikh Mustafa Hujeiri, was found Tuesday atop a grave of infantryman Mohammad Hamieh in a encampment of Taraya, in a eastern district of Baalbek.

Hujeiri’s murder comes in plea for Hamieh’s murdering by Nusra Front militants during his chains on Arsal’s outskirts.

Hamieh’s family members have blamed Mustafa Hujeiri for a killing, and in a past released several threats opposite a refugee sheikh.

Hussein worked with a medical organisation in Arsal.

Mohammad Hujeiri, Hussein’s father, told media outlets that his son was innocent, propelling a state to detain his killers.

Soldiers also raided positions in circuitously areas.

Three Army soldiers were bleeding in a operation.

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