San Francisco enacts broad ban on foam cups, coolers, toys

San Francisco, say goodbye to those squeaky, Styrofoam-like coffee cups that have long been a staple of picnic outings.

In fact, people in San Francisco won’t be able to buy polystyrene foam coolers, kiddie pool toys or packing peanuts after supervisors approved a measure in June that goes far beyond the prohibition on foam food carryout containers in effect in dozens of cities and counties.

Detractors, however, say the legislation does nothing to stop foam-wrapped goods that are shipped into the city — such as heaters, computers and just about everything else — defeating San Francisco’s stated purpose of reducing waste. They’d rather San Francisco recycle the product.

The measure prohibits San Francisco businesses from using the material to sell goods, so butchers within city limits, for example, can’t use the foam to wrap meat and poultry.

San Francisco Supervisor London Breed proposed the ordinance.