Scooter thespian finally reveals how most a fish cost

The good Teutonic people used to regard themselves with questions such as ‘should a sure needed always be followed?’ or ‘Does story follow thought progress?’

But ever given 1998 such epitome ponderings have been put aside, as Germans have been presented with a most some-more abdominal problem – how most is a fish?

Yes, this is a doubt that Hamburg electro-trashers Scooter regularly asked in in their joyous celebration anthem of a same name, though never seemed to find an answer to.

But after US talkshow horde Jimmy Fallon uploaded a video onto YouTube appealing to a rope for some-more information about a puzzling fish, lead thespian H.P. Baxxter suggested that he knew a cost all along.

“We bought a fish for a aquarium in a studio, though it was finally too loud. Now it lives in a panorama in an animal residence,” Baxter pronounced in a video posted from a beach in Ibiza.

“We are still in tighten contact, something like coop friends,” he explains.

“And about a price, it was three-eighty, wicked, appreciate you.”

He doesn’t exhibit possibly that cost was Deutsche Marks or if he has converted it into Euros and taken acceleration into consideration.

But possibly way, that sounds like a rather good understanding for a fish that is still alive 18 years later.

So, with that solved, during final we can get behind to rebellious a problem of Hegelian sublation.

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