The German-Russian Year of Youth Exchange

Dancing and talking, hiking and eating together and even slicing open a car: a corner exercises with a Agency for Technical Relief are usually one of many examples in a new brief film that shows a German-Russian lady exchange. The immature people also explain here because this sell is critical to them. “You know how a people unequivocally are”, says one immature Russian girl. “It’s opposite from anything else I’ve ever seen”, says a lady from Germany emphatically.

Dialogue between societies

To try new paths together and thereby to strech a improved bargain of a other: these are a concerns that a unfamiliar ministers of Germany and Russia, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Sergej Lavrov, residence in their agreement on a German-Russian Year of Youth Exchange 2016/2017. There it reads: “We delight a common enterprise that immature people from a dual countries increasingly find approach hit with any other and thereby strengthen a discourse and bargain between a societies. Especially in politically formidable times it is critical to give a transparent vigilance of cooperation.” The Exchange Year will be strictly inaugurated on 9 Jun 2016 in Moscow with a tenth anniversary of a Foundation for German-Russian Exchange and a partner organization, a Russian National Coordination Bureau for Youth Exchanges with a Federal commonwealth of Germany. It pursues a accumulation of formats with that German-Russian contacts have prolonged been cultivated. For example, from 30 Jun to 3 Jul 2016, a German-Russian Youth Forum will take place in Munich for a fourteenth time. And on Nov 2016 a 12th German-Russian Youth Parliament convenes in Berlin; in 2015 a immature people collected in Moscow.

The chances are good that a German-Russian Youth Exchange will benefit new attention. “The agreement of a unfamiliar ministers is an critical pointer of team-work in a formidable time”, emphasizes Thomas Hoffmann, Managing Director of a Foundation for German-Russian Youth Exchange. “With this corner domestic initiative, we wish to grasp a idea that some-more immature people from both countries can again accommodate any other.”

Start of a German-Russian Year of Youth Exchange 2016/2017, 9 Jun in Moscow

Short film of a German-Russian lady exchange


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