Tripoli braces for mom of all electoral battles

Final preparations for a final turn of metropolitan elections are good underway opposite Tripoli and a north, with dozens of carefree possibilities touting a strength of their particular tickets. Tripoli, a collateral of a north, is approaching to declare a many exhilarated metropolitan battle.

Rifi has criticized a domestic bloc behind “For Tripoli,” accusing them of following domestic quotas that would pave a approach for Hezbollah and Syria’s change in Tripoli.

In Qobeiyat, one of a largest Maronite towns in a north, a metropolitan elections have reconciled former MP Mikhael Daher with MP Hadi Hobeish, as their domestic aims have aligned in support of one electoral list: “Qobeiyat Decides”. Headed by stream mayor Abdo Abdo, it will face off opposite a “Qobeiyat’s People” ticket, upheld by a Lebanese Forces and Free Patriotic Movement, who lift poignant weight in a region.

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