Why we should attend an general pursuit fair

When was a final time we went to a pursuit fair?

If we answered “never”, “I can’t remember”, or even “last week during a internal practice agency”, maybe it’s time for a change.

“For those who wish an sparkling pursuit and aren’t too trustworthy to a certain place, it’s unequivocally value travelling to one of a recruitment fairs,” says Elsa Thumerel during Bilingual People.

Let’s put it this way: in a globalised and internationally-mobile world, because wouldn’t you demeanour to a tellurian marketplace for employment?

“International knowledge is a good item on a CV nowadays, and gives a eventuality to rise veteran and personal skills,” Thumerel adds. “Bilingual People fairs are about charity possibilities a possibility to demeanour for tellurian opportunities.”

But if you’re meditative it’s easier to email your CV to a intensity employer, you’re blank out.

“Our pursuit fairs emanate an sourroundings for people with denunciation skills to accommodate their intensity employers,” Thumerel explains. “Job-seekers can accommodate with blue-chip companies operative via Europe, get CV advice, and ask questions. It’s roughly like a pre-interview.”

As a name implies, Bilingual People works with job-seekers who are – we guessed it – bilingual or multilingual. While a association works with all languages, Thumerel adds that German, Dutch, French, and a Scandinavian languages are in top direct among a companies they work with.

Register for a subsequent Bilingual People Fair: Berlin, Jun 18th

 “Our clients infrequently onslaught to partisan those with skills in Swedish, Norwegian, and Dutch, for example,” Thumerel says. “So they come to a fairs to accommodate a estimable series of possibilities with these odd skills.”

The subsequent recruitment eventuality takes place in Berlin on Jun 18th, and Thumerel recommends pre-registering – as there are a singular series of giveaway passes and a eventuality is roughly guaranteed to sell out.

“Each time about 60 percent of a job-seekers have trafficked specifically for a eventuality – that unequivocally shows recruiters that they’re penetrating in putting in a bid and fervent to relocate,” Thumerel says. “Many possibilities come from abroad to attend.”

But for those who can’t make a tour there are other options. Bilingual People also hosts “virtual recruitment fairs” via a year.

“It’s kind of like Second Life for recruitment,” Thumerel explains. “You record in during a eventuality and have entrance to info, videos, and pursuit applications. Our practical pursuit fairs are accurately a same as a earthy ones, with stands where attendees can discuss with recruiters and leave a CV. You only don’t have to travel.”

Upcoming Bilingual People Fairs:

Physical events

– Amsterdam, 10th September – NH Grand Krasnapolsky

– Krakow, 1st October – Sheraton Hotel

Virtual events

– Ireland Relocation Virtual Recruitment Fair, 22nd September

– UK Multilingual Virtual Recruitment Fair, 13th October

– German Relocation Virtual Recruitment Fair, 27th October

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