8 Marvel Movie Characters Who Could Be Skrulls In Disguise

Before we begin, here’s my rationale for picking my choices:

1. There’s no evidence to suggest the Skrulls can also copy superpowers beyond their own natural abilities. Otherwise, they all just would have copied Carol to have an unbeatable army of Captain Marvels. So, only normal humans are options.

2. The character has to make logical sense. If you are trying to take over the world, you’re not going to take over a position that has no strategic value.

3. If the Skrulls are taking over Earth, it doesn’t make sense to replace a Guardian of the Galaxy or other cosmic characters. That means we’re keeping things strictly on Earth.

4. No love interests. It’s crossing a very icky line for a Skrull to date anyone while lying about their true identity.

So, who are we looking at?

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