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7 American habits that bug a Bratwurst out of Germans

  • August 10, 2016

I spent 10 months in a US Bible Belt state of Kentucky when we was 17, study during an All-American high propagandize and vital with American horde relatives – as good as a Slovakian horde hermit and 5 worryingly portly cats. 

It was an implausible experience, including all from a standard Kentucky equine competition to formulation how we would ask out a lady for Senior Prom (I finished adult essay a cheesy poem).

But a few things unequivocally gathering me crazy about America and Americans. When we returned to Germany during a finish of a year, we beheld that other sell students would tatter about identical things. 

Here are a 7 things about a US that annoy us a most:

1. Hitler jokes

When we told my English clergyman on a initial day of propagandize that we was German, his joking response was: “Ms. Hill in a adjacent room is a Jew, maybe we should go speak to her.”

I was shocked, speechless. Where I’m from, we frequency wheeze a name Hitler, like “he-who-must-not-be-named”.

But Kentucky lady had a margin day with a story of my country. People customarily lifted their arms to a Hitler-salute as we was walking a corridor – something that could be deliberate a rapist offense behind home.

Whenever I’d get into debates with my friends, they would eventually fire me down, observant ”Well, during slightest we didn’t eliminate all a Jews.”

2. American patriotism

An American loyalist among German patriots. Photo: DPA

I always got a ill feeling when my American friends fervently sang along with The Star-Spangled Banner during football games – we was already troubled with a flash of a German dwindle during a World Cup season.

But not customarily that: a nationalism was mostly joined with down-right unconcern about all over US borders. The tellurian blindness mostly showed in story class.

One time, while deliberating a Second World War in a US story lesson, a lady in one of a behind rows lifted her palm and asked: “So is Europe a place in Germany?”

3. Food frenzy

Nothing could have prepared me for a fear of a year yet German baking.

Being used to crunchy-crusted, whole wheat bread, American white bread always left a gaping hole in my stomach. Desperate to fill a void, Reese’s and chocolate-covered potato chips fast became my saviours. 

Within 6 months though, we put on an additional 10kgs (20 pounds). Luckily, we had picked adult on a trend of shopping extra-large T-shirts form Wallmart to cover adult my flourishing pouch. 

4. Where’s a open transport?!

The art of hitch-hiking; Photo: DPA

Ridding Europeans off their open ride is like chopping of their legs.

The customarily train we ever took in a US was a propagandize train from Monday by Friday (which wasn’t built for people over 1.80m/5-foot-9 either).

Supposedly, there were dual open ride buses that ran by a city of Frankfort each dual hours, yet my horde relatives pronounced they were customarily used by people who didn’t have jobs.

To this day, we doubt that they indeed existed.

Since my Slovakian horde hermit and we weren’t authorised to drive, we were customarily stranded on my horde parents’ estate.

Driven to desperation, my horde hermit once went for a two-kilometre-hike along a highway to get himself a Big Mac menu from a internal McDonald’s. 

5. Over-protective parents

The parenting character of my German relatives had always been laissez-faire. At a age of 16, we was authorised to go clubbing until 6am yet vouchsafing anyone know.

But not so in a US. My horde relatives were discerning to belligerent me and would dissuade all that would means them too many trouble.

My horde hermit and we had to ask for accede each time we wanted to go out and were customarily authorised to accommodate someone they had authorized of.

Needless to contend celebration ethanol and smoking weren’t available either.

To my 17-year-old self, staying with them was a closest it got to prison. 

6. Parties, drinking, and grinding

I also satisfied that not each country’s law allows people to splash from a age of 16.

As a result, many of my American friends simply drank in secret. And when they did, they strike a bottle like there was no tomorrow.

At parties, we would accidentally have a beer, while my friends incited walleyed within 20 mins and started tripping and descending after 10 shots and a cocktail.

But “grinding” threw me off even more. Grinding is a dance character where girls massage their backsides on boys’ bodies while a boys only mount there perplexing to demeanour cool.

It’s fundamentally sex on a dance building with garments on. 

7. Jealous lovers

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A print posted by (@zee__shan) on Aug 10, 2016 during 1:46am PDT

My ex-girlfriend from Kentucky was a honeyed girl, yet we had a few intercultural difficulties.

During a months that we were doing long-distance, we once went to a unison in Berlin with one of my best womanlike friends. When my partner found out, all ruin pennyless lose.

We finished adult in an heated Skype-fight and it took lots of apologizing and “never again’s” to collect adult a pieces.

But we was still lucky. we had lots of Kentucky friends who finished relations since their partners had “liked” a design of another girl/boy on Facebook.

Out of heartbreak, one crony of cave bought a gun and posted on Facebook that “unlike my ex, during slightest this thing doesn’t strike me or tell me to close up”.

On a certain note…

Overall though, we had good time in a US and opposite all odds, Kentucky is a good place to live. 

As against to German schools, American high schools have a immeasurable operation of clubs and associations, so we finally had a event to figure out what we favourite doing. 

Within 10 months, we became partial of a tennis team, a play club, a marching band, a drumline, a educational team, the Beta bar (another educational institution), and a essay club. 

Most of all though, my Stateside knowledge pennyless adult one of a many austere stereotypes Germans reason about a people there: that Americans are superficial.

During my time in Kentucky, we got to know some of a many friendly people I’ve ever met and done friends in no time. Almost everybody was unusually hospitable and caring and always adult for a chat. If there’s one thing we skip about a US, it’s a people. 

By Max Bringmann

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