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Anti-Islam groups convene opposite Europe

  • February 06, 2016

Pegida supporters took to a streets of a series of other European cities, including Prague and a northern French pier of Calais, home to a barbarous “Jungle” interloper stay for migrants seeking thoroughfare opposite a Channel to Britain.

Pegida and associate anti-Muslim groups called a rallies following final month’s signing of an agreement to emanate a “Fortress Europe” bloc opposite a backdrop of Europe’s misfortune interloper predicament given World War II.

Several thousand Pegida supporters incited adult in Dresden underneath transparent blue skies in a early afternoon to impetus along a banks of a River Elbe, that flows by a city, to critique opposite mass immigration and a “islamisation” of Europe.

Absent was Lutz Bachmann, a movement’s founder, overdue to illness, organisers said.

Police, who deployed around 1,000 officers for a occasion, pronounced Thursday they approaching some 15,000 marchers to uncover up.

An AFP contributor pronounced several thousand had answered a rallying call an hour after a eventuality began during 1400 GMT.

Many hold aloft banners criticising German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is in a banishment line for her magnanimous position towards refugees, now increasingly entrance in for critique after Germany took in some-more than a million migrants final year.

Around 2,000 people — reduction than a 10,000 approaching by military — duration assimilated an anti-Pegida convene during that participants urged toleration towards migrants.

Anti-Pegida marchers chanted slogans including “no place for Nazis” and “we don’t need xenophobia, demagoguery or Pegida.”

Pegida supporters opposite that they are “European patriots opposite a islamisation of a west.”

On Jan 23, they released a call for supporters to impetus in 14 European cities.

The Calais impetus brought some about 20 arrests, internal authorities said, and military responded with rip gas after scuffles pennyless out. Another convene in a southern city of Montpellier drew hardly 200 people by mid-afternoon.

– ‘Refugees welcome’ –

In Prague, however, 5,000 people assimilated a convene organized by dual distant right groups, an AFP publisher said. Police arrested 4 people, a orator said, but giving an guess of a series during a demo that also captivated a opposite rally.

In Dublin, scuffles pennyless out between people who had collected to critique opposite a launch of Pegida in Ireland, and those who attended a launch of a group.

Elsewhere, in Amsterdam demonstration military arrested some-more than a dozen demonstrators both from Pegida and those hostile them in executive Amsterdam. Both groups consisted of a few hundred protesters each.

The anti-Pegida organisation put adult a vast black and yellow ensign saying: “Refugees welcome” while on a pro-Pegida side, protesters waved Dutch flags and banners saying: “Islamists not welcome”.

Police asked Pegida supporters to house buses to leave area “for your possess safety.”

In Birmingham in executive England, meanwhile, military pronounced about about 150 Pegida supporters and 60 opposite demonstrators incited out.

Other demonstrations took place in Warsaw, Bratislava and in Graz in southern Austria.


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