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AT&T opening 5G testing center on Texas A&M University campus

  • June 22, 2021

ATT announced a plan on Monday to work with Texas AM University on a 5G testbed this fall that will allow companies to work on applications and solutions that can be powered by the technology. 

The testbed will be located on Texas AM University System’s RELLIS Campus in Bryan, Texas, which was founded in 2016 for research and technology development purposes. 

Both public and private sector organizations will use ATT’s 5G network for a variety of projects related to AR and VR initiatives, autonomous and connected vehicles, robotics, roadside safety and physical security, large-scale infrastructure, autonomous agriculture, Internet of Things, smart cities and more. 

Brad Hoover, chief information officer for The RELLIS Campus, said it will be one of the most advanced university-based 5G testbeds in the country and will allow enterprises to test out tools using 5G mmWave and Sub-6 frequencies. 

The first organizations to use the 5G testbed will all be part of the Texas AM University ecosystem, including the Texas AM Engineering Experiment Station, Texas AM Transportation Institute, Texas Division of Emergency Management, and Texas AM Engineering Extension Service. 

Sensor-laden smart intersection grids, precision navigation for vehicles and agriculture tools for farmers are some of the projects that will be worked on at the testbed. 

There is also a plan to test out a variety of robotics applications, and both ATT as well as Texas AM said some projects will have a military focus. A testing site for the George H. W. Bush Combat Development Complex is located on the RELLIS Campus.

“We expect ATT 5G — one of the outcomes of our investment of more than $110 billion in our wireless and wireline networks from 2016 to 2020 – will help power the future of defense, government, commercial industry and society,” said Jason Porter, president of ATT Public Sector and FirstNet.

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