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Bavaria tells Trump: forget Germany, we’re many like you

  • February 13, 2017

A video released by German comedian Jan Böhmermann progressing in Feb urged US President Donald Trump that, if America contingency come first, Germany should be second.

But a famously eccentric state of Bavaria has responded with a possess video to Trump, revelation him to forget about a rest of a country, insisting it is a place that resembles him many closely.

The anecdotist starts by addressing @realDonaldTrump – a US President’s famous Twitter moniker, by observant “this is an introduction video to a genuine Germany, called Bavaria.”

It is not accurately strange – dozens of countries opposite a universe now have travesty rudimentary videos for a egotistic US personality – yet a video by comedy uncover Quer gives a smart introduction to Bavarian attitudes to a rest of Germany, and clamp verse.

The clip, published final Tuesday and given seen over 600,000 times, explains to a US President that “without Bavaria Germany is nothing, it’s loyal everybody knows it.”

“The non-Bavarians are bad people, we call them Preissen.”

The jokes are a anxiety to Bavaria’s rare purpose in German history. It was a final state to join a federation, usually entrance on house in a late 19th century when a final king, Ludwig II, had bankrupted a dominion by extreme spending on castles such as a famous Neuschwanstein.

Up until afterwards Bavaria had fought wars opposite a Prussians (known in Bavaria as Preissen) in fondness with Austria or even France, with whom they common a Catholic faith.

Now though, Bavaria is a richest of Germany’s sixteen states. And due to a condition of a German sovereign complement it has to give billions of euros each year to poorer states in a union, a form of gratification famous as Länderfinanzausgleich (financial change among states).

The state that receives a many income is a bad collateral Berlin, also once a centre of a Prussian empire.

The aged adversary can still be felt in Bavaria today, where politicians and open comparison protest about carrying to support a magnanimous and whimsical lifestyles of “Berlin artists.”

Or as a video puts it: “these guys consider we are ostensible to compensate for them, solve all their problems – sum losers.”

The video also names Ludwig II as being a personality in Trump’s mould, with an obsession to building large, purposeless monuments.

“Bavaria is for Germany what America is for a universe – non-Bavarians always have a good giggle during a expense,” a video also points out.

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