Bavarian premier skeleton to companion around with Putin

Seehofer shielded his skeleton to transport to Moscow on Thursday on ZDF radio on Sunday evening, observant that “we’re not regulating a together unfamiliar process in Germany”.

But he has been fighting opposite oppressive critique from sovereign politicians in Berlin.

“Foreign process is done in Berlin, not in Munich,” MP and Social Democratic Party (SPD) unfamiliar affairs orator Niels Annen told a Welt am Sonntag.

“Seehofer has positioned himself clearly opposite a Chancellor in a interloper discuss – we wish that he will leave off this trip,” Christian Democratic Union (CDU) unfamiliar process dilettante and MP Roderich Kiesewetter told Welt am Sonntag.

Kiesewetter warned that Russia was co-operating with far-right parties in Germany in a bid to criticise antithesis to Putin’s unfamiliar policy.

One new instance has been Russian TV’s stoking of annoy with TV news reports on a purported rape of a immature lady by refugees in Berlin.

Police pronounced during a weekend that a lady had spent a night of a ostensible rape during her boyfriend’s house.

Russia experts told The Local progressing final week that Putin’s promotion appurtenance was perplexing to blacken Europe’s picture with a Russian open and stoke disturbance among Russian-speakers inside Germany and a EU.

Seehofer has form for regulating connectors to unfamiliar leaders as a means to put vigour on a supervision in Berlin.

He invited worried populist Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to a entertainment of his Christian Social Union (CSU) celebration – traditionally a regressive Bavarian allies of Merkel’s CDU – in Sep 2015.

Orban used a arise to blast Merkel for “moral imperialism” after Germany criticized Hungary’s construction of a limit blockade to close out refugees.  

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