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Berlin museum hopes hulk T-Rex will be large hit

  • December 16, 2015

On Dec 17th, “Tristan – Berlin bares teeth” opens to a public.

The muster will be denounced during Berlin’s Museum für Naturkunde (Natural History Museum), and is set to run for during slightest 3 years.

“This is an extraordinary impulse for a museum,” Prof. Johannes Vogel, museum director, told The Local on Wednesday.

T-Rex specimens “have this humorous outcome of transforming a notice of museums,” he said, “and this will be no exception.”

One of a world’s best recorded examples of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, ‘Tristan Otto’ is also a initial strange T-Rex skeletons ever displayed in Europe.

Tristan’s strange skull weighed around 180kg. Photo: Hannah Butler

Tristan is an estimated 66 million years old, and was found in Montana, USA in 2010.

His central owners and unite is Niels Nielsen – who was also benefaction for Tristan’s introduction to an vehement German press crowd.

Berlin is “the ideal place for Tristan,” he pronounced in a statement.

“The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin is one of a world’s heading museums with superb exhibitions and research, quite per dinosaurs.”

Tristan’s unite and owners Niels Nielsen spoke to reporters in Berlin on Wednesday. Photo: Hannah Butler

Tristan is a “one-off event for Berlin,” Prof. Vogel added.

“We’re a really good famous museum in Berlin, and we’re many desired in Germany,” he told The Local. “And now we consider we are a large time actor on a universe stage.”

The T-Rex looks set to be a vital captivate for tourists and locals comparison in a city.

“At a impulse we get half a million visitors per year, and if we are lucky, we competence double that,” Vogel predicted.

Photo: Hannah Butler

Only 50 T-Rex specimens have ever been detected – and while experts trust a finish skeleton would have around 300 bones, no full skeletons have ever been found.

Tristan’s strange skeleton was detected with 170 bones, creation him one of a many well-preserved T-Rexs ever found.

He is set to sojourn during a museum for during slightest 3 years – though Vogel is penetrating to extend a T Rex’s visit,

Berlin Natural History Museum Director Johannes Vogel poses with partial of Tristan’s Jaw in Montana in July, before a dinosaur’s ride to Berlin. Photo: DPA

“Nobody knows what’s going to occur afterwards,” he told The Local. “But we will do a really best to keep it a small bit longer.”

It’s hoped that Tristan will infer useful in arriving investigate during a museum – and that a muster can grow and rise as cutting-edge investigate reveals some-more and some-more about a dinosaur’s life.

You can revisit Tristan from Thursday during Berlin’s Museum für Naturkunde (U-Bahn and Tram stop Naturkundemuseum).

By Hannah Butler

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