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‘Cannibal cop’ convicted of murdering ‘willing victim’ in retrial

  • December 13, 2016

Detlev Günzel, 58, had cut a physique into tiny pieces in a massacre cover he built in his cellar, before burying them in his garden. There was no justification that he ate any partial of his victim.

He was final year already given a somewhat shorter judgment – 8 and a half years – for murdering Polish-born Wojciech Stempniewicz in 2013.

But a Federal Court of Justice had overturned a initial outcome that it deemed too kindly for a murder conviction.

Following a new hearing that began early November, a informal justice in a eastern city of Dresden concluded with a initial outcome not to levy a limit 15-year judgment since a plant had a genocide wish.

It condemned Günzel to 8 years and 7 months. The outcome is theme to appeal.

Günzel, a three-decade maestro of a military force, had met Stempniewicz in Oct 2013 on a website for massacre and cannibalism fantasies billed as a “#1 site for outlandish meat” and braggadocio some-more than 3,000 purebred members.

His counterclaim group argued that Stempniewicz had hanged himself in Günzel’s custom-designed “SM studio” before Günzel took a knife, afterwards an electric saw, to a gagged-and-bound man.

Soon after a death, Günzel certified to detectives that he killed a plant by slicing his throat. But he after retracted his confession.

Investigators had testified in a initial hearing that they could not definitively establish a means of genocide due to a state of a corpse.

Günzel and Stempniewicz had endless hit online and by write before finally arranging a deadly date on Nov 4th 2013. Their emails gimlet a pretension “Schlachtfest”, a German word for a nation feast after a massacre of a pig. Günzel called himself “Caligula 31”, Stempniewicz logged on as “Heszla-Longpig”.

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A 50-minute video Günzel done was played during a hearing and showed him during one indicate lonesome in blood as he lame a corpse, muttering, “I never suspicion we would penetrate so low.”

The presiding decider during a initial hearing had pronounced that a countenance of gloomy bewail seen in a video done it doubtful Günzel would repeat such an act.

She pronounced this differed from a barbarous box of German cannibal Armin Meiwes, who certified to killing, mutilating and eating a strength of a partner in 2001 after assembly him on a Internet around an announcement looking for a “slaughter victim”.

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