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Coronavirus digest: Global cases top 30 million

  • September 18, 2020

The global death toll has reached 943,086 since the viral outbreak first started in China late last year.

The United States is the worst affected nation with 6,650,570 cases and 197,364 deaths, followed by India at 5,118,253 infections and 83,198 deaths and Brazil with 4,419,083 cases and 134,106 deaths, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University.

Here are the major developments on coronavirus from around the world on Friday:


While the World Health Organization warned of “alarming rates of transmission” of the coronavirus across Europe, an Irish study revealed that more than more than half of the patients and staff with COVID-19 it was monitoring suffered persistent fatigue.

The study released Friday underpins the “significant burden” of lingering symptoms and comes as patient groups and doctors call for more research into the medium- and long-term effects of COVID-19.

The study observed 128 participants at St James’s Hospital in Dublin and concluded that 52% reported persistent fatigue when they were examined an average of 10 weeks after “clinical recovery” from infection, regardless of how severe their initial infection was.

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Middle East

Israel: Israel is set to enter its second coronavirus lockdown on Friday following a months-long spike in the coronavirus caseload.

Hundreds of Israelis took to the streets of Tel Aviv late on Thursday to protest the renewed restrictions.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that authorities “may have no choice” but to impose even tighter measures. The country has registered more than 172,000 cases since the start of the outbreak, including at least 1,163 fatalities.

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Canada: Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, will now fine people who hold social gathering that defy the new limits. Violators could face fines up to C$10,000 (€6,410; $7,600).

As part of a crackdown on social gatherings to prevent “reckless careless people” from spreading the COVID-19 at illegal parties, indoor events would be authorized to include no more than 10 people from a previous limit of 50, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said.

The cap on outdoor gatherings has been lowered to 25 from 100.

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