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Coronavirus: German families should celebrate Christmas in ‘shifts’

  • October 27, 2020

Germany’s Commissioner for Nursing Care Andreas Westerfellhaus has advised families to celebrate Christmas “in shifts” this year to minimize the risk of infection, in a newspaper interview published on Tuesday.

Westerfellhaus told mass-market tabloid Bild that people should celebrate with fewer people and to celebrate twice.

“Unusual times require unusual solutions,” he said. “Different households could celebrate together on different days.”

“You can also give presents on December 28 or even later,” he said.

Presents are normally gifted on December 24 in Germany. Families typically enjoy a modest meal on the 24th, while the 25th is often reserved for a family feast.

Christmas is normally a time of family gatherings in Germany, while many city centers are transformed into traditional Christmas markets. However, Christmas markets are likely to be canceled this year, if they haven’t been canceled already.

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  • German-American Christmas market in Pullman City, Eging am See festiviely lit (Pullman City)

    8 unusual Christmas markets

    Christmas in the Wild West

    The Bavarian theme park “Pullman City Western town” in Eging am See is transformed into a German-American Christmas market. Charming cowboys walk through the streets together with Santa Claus. On the brightly lit Mainstreet there are stalls offering cookies, punch and mulled wine.

  • Germany | People stolling along the harbor at dusk to enjoy the Angel Market - Christmas market in Emden (picture-alliance/dpa/K. Klama)

    8 unusual Christmas markets

    On the North Sea coast

    In the East Frisian port city of Emden, the Angel Market takes place not just on land, but also on the water. This Christmas market is named after a golden figure in the city’s coat of arms. The museum ships in the old inland port are decorated with chains of holiday lights. North German specialties such as sea buckthorn grog, kale and eel rolls are served from the galleys.

  • Germany Christmas market in the wine cellars in Traben-Trarbach (picture-alliance/dpa/T. Frey)

    8 unusual Christmas markets

    Going underground

    A network of wine cellars stretches 22 kilometers (13.7 mi) through the underground of Traben-Trarbach, the wine town on the Moselle River. Underground temperatures remain constant and pleasant. The wine cellars are therefore the perfect place for a visit to the Moselle Wine Night Market — no matter whether it’s stormy or snowing outside.

  • Germany - Christmas market at dusk covered in snow and festively lit in the Black Forest under a viaduct (Imago Images/A. Hettrich)

    8 unusual Christmas markets

    Christmas magic under the bridge

    Picturesquely situated in the Ravenna Gorge, this Christmas market in the Black Forest offers a very romantic atmosphere. Framed by the steep walls of the gorge and under the 40-meter-high (131 ft) railway viaduct of the Höllental Railway, a village of wooden huts invites you every year to go on a Christmas shopping spree.

  • Germany - Christmas market in Bavarian Hauzenberg - Christmas lights around a pond at night (Dionys Asenkerschbaumer)

    8 unusual Christmas markets

    In a quarry

    The Christkindlmarkt is rustically located on the site of an old quarry in Hauzenberg in Bavaria. Here, arts and crafts from the region are not only sold, but traditional handicraft techniques such as stonemasonry are also demonstrated. For the children, the nativity scene with real animals is a big hit.

  • Germany | Pink Christmas market in Munich - people standing at ight in pink illumination (imago images/Lindenthaler)

    8 unusual Christmas markets

    Have yourself a Pink Christmas

    Pink and cheerful, is how Munich’s Stephansplatz in the trendy Glockenbach quarter has been celebrating the festive season for 15 years now. “Pink Christmas” is the name of the gay and lesbian Christmas market. On the show stage, travesty artists, DJs and pop singers put you in a good mood. The proceeds from the Prosecco Bar go to the Munich Aids Foundation.

  • Pirate ship replica in Fredenbaumpark in Dortmund as part of the Medieval Christmas market (Andrea Rattay)

    8 unusual Christmas markets

    Have yourself a pirate Christmas, yar!

    Torches shine in the darkness, swords sound, arrows hiss through the air. The “Medieval Illuminated Christmas Market” in Dortmund’s Fredenbaumpark has a lot to offer. Pirate ships and pirate treasures, knights tournaments and dragon fights — here you can have an adventurous Christmas time!

  • Germany Christmas market Hamburg Santa Pauli at night (picture-alliance/dpa/D. Bockwoldt)

    8 unusual Christmas markets

    Have yourself a saucy Christmas!

    Santa Pauli, that’s Hamburg’s most erotic Christmas market on the legendary Reeperbahn pleasure mile. Visitors can watch “hot angels” in the strip tent, shop for sex toys or take part in porn karaoke. Not sure that Santa would approve.

    Author: Lisa Marie Jordan

Regulations for nursing homes

Westerfellhaus is responsible for representing the political interests of those in need of care and ensuring that their concerns are at the heart of the care and health system.

In comments to Bild, he said he could not say whether visits to all nursing homes at Christmas were possible. “Not all relatives can come to the homes on Christmas Eve. He therefore strongly recommended “staggered” visits.

He said that previous lockdown efforts, which largely sealed off nursing homes, had led to terrible conditions for residents.

“People have sometimes died alone without seeing their loved ones again. Such a thing must not be repeated.”

“These are shocking fates. I think it’s good that Health Minister Jens Spahn and Chancellor Angela Merkel have said there must not be a complete blockade of the nursing homes again.”

Westerfellhaus said that it was important to defend against the coronavirus while maintaining the quality of life of people. Especially for people with dementia, “personal contact cannot be replaced by anything else,” he said.

New restrictions expected

On Wednesday, the federal and state governments will meet again to discuss further measures to combat a recent spike in infections. 

Media reports leading up the meeting suggest that the federal government wants to keep schools and daycare centers open, except in regions with catastrophically high infection rates, but will take a tougher approach to restaurants and events.

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