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Disasters in East Germany: socialism was never during fault

  • August 18, 2016

In Jul 1967 a burden sight installed with fuel crashed into a newcomer sight and exploded in Langenweddingen, Sachsen-Anhalt.

It was a misfortune sight collision in East German history, murdering 94 people, 44 of whom were children.

But a ubiquitous open was never sensitive of a causes of a collision – notwithstanding a fact that a tip state news indeed concurred that a separator had unsuccessful to come down during a railway crossing.

A write wire had dangled so low that a separator got held in it, preventing it from closing, a news concluded.

This week open broadcaster ZDF aired a documentary that expel some light on a catastrophic collision that happened scarcely 50 years ago, as good as focusing on some of a other accidents that took place during a GDR era.

After the Langenweddingen collision a sight conductor and an worker of a hire were cursed to large jail sentences. But GDR leaders did not publicly examine constructional causes, fearing this could open adult a can of worms for a whole domestic system.

Historian Henrik Bispinck told ZDF that a plan of East German leaders was to censure people and make them obliged for a collision instead.

Firemen, eye-witnesses and survivors testified to a filmmakers about their personal practice of that tragedy and others – and for many a memory was still vivid.

“The feeling of helplessness remains”, pronounced one male whose mom died in a 1972 craft pile-up nearby Berlin.

The skinny central news expelled during a time unsuccessful to explain because a glow pennyless out in a plane, causing a genocide of 160 people.

Again, a trusted Stasi request kept a causes of a collision secret.

In their news about a crash, Stasi officials listed serious defects: a prohibited atmosphere conductor had melted nearby electric cables, and a glow alarm in a cockpit had unsuccessful to go off.

The ZDF documentary serve suggested that a soviet manufacturer of a craft deserted due changes to a settlement and won support from Moscow, that pronounced that it was improved to leave things as they were.

GDR personality Erich Honecker concluded as a foster to a USSR, claimed historian Michael Goll in a documentary. 

According to Goll, East German leaders also refused offers of assistance from West Germany, wanting to infer that a revolutionary state was clever and that it could conduct on a own.

The documentary explained a accidents is tie with one another and argued that there was a memorable settlement according to that GDR leaders and Stasi officials acted. 

Strict overpower was mostly systematic after an collision and justification was quickly private from a scene. The aim was to show: “socialism is never guilty”.

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