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Dortmund fans ‘shame football’ with attacks on families before match

  • February 06, 2017

According to a military news from Saturday’s strife between Dortmund and RB Leipzig, fans of Dortmund threw stones, bottles and cans during antithesis fans, including during women, children and families.

Fans of Leipzig, who distortion dual places above Dortmund in a Bundesliga list in second, reported that there was no confidence in place outward a track and that Dortmund fans pounded and kick them as they got out of a buses, before hidden their tickets.

A sum of 10 people were harmed in a violence, 6 of whom were Leipzig fans. The other 4 were military officers.

Also on perspective were slogans opposite RB Leipzig, including on that review “whoever loves football hates RB Leipzig.”

Several of a banners could be in defilement of German laws on hatred speech.

Leipzig usually gained graduation this deteriorate and are owned by appetite splash association Red Bull. They are deeply unpopular with fans of other clubs due to their viewed rebuttal of manners that state that members have infancy voting rights during a club.

On Saturday evening, 11 men, all from a Dortmund ultra scene, were arrested, though were after released.

He combined that those behind a assault “deserve to be underneath close and key, they don’t merit to be in a football stadium.”

Ralf Jäger, interior apportion of North Rhine-Westphalia pronounced that what happened on Saturday before a diversion in Dortmund “shamed football”.

“Whoever throws stones and bottles during women and children is out of control and needs to be punished,” Jäger said.

“I’m totally repelled – I’ve never seen images like these of such hate-filled faces in all my days as a military officer,” pronounced Edzard Freyhoff, a military officer in assign during a stadium.

Borussia Dortmund now face a complicated excellent from a German Football Association and a probability of personification a home diversion behind sealed doors.

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