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Europe can’t take in millions: German ex-chancellor

  • April 17, 2016

His comments, published in Sunday’s Tagesspiegel daily, come as a ex-chancellor is set to accommodate Tuesday with Hungary’s worried Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a extreme competition of Merkel’s open-door position towards migrants.

“Europe can't turn a new home for a millions of people in need via a world,” Kohl was quoted as saying.

Germany’s magnanimous interloper process final year ushered in 1.1 million asylum-seekers from Syria, Iraq and elsewhere.

Orban — whose nation has erected razorwire limit fences to deter migrants — progressing this year pronounced that an rash liquid exposes Europe to a risks of “terrorism, criminality, anti-Semitism and homophobia”.

Kohl’s possess warning is contained in a prologue to a new Hungarian-language chronicle of his book “Aus Sorge um Europa” (Out of regard for Europe).

The resolution to a migrant crisis, he argues, lies not in Europe though has to come from a regions that are saying a exodus.

“National policies of a lone-knight accumulation contingency be left in a past,” pronounced Kohl, deliberate a father of German reunification, but mentioning Merkel or her policies directly.

Many migrants “come from opposite informative environments,” he added.

“For a many partial they have a faith that is opposite from a Judeo-Christian beliefs that form partial of a foundations of the amicable sequence and the values.”

Kohl, 86, is really frequency seen in open these days.

He left active politics in 2002. Since a tumble in 2008, followed by a stroke, he has suffered from marred debate and uses a wheelchair.

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