Families angry during reverence to suicidal Germanwings copilot

The kin of Andreas Lubitz, who brought down a A320 moody in a French Alps with 149 other people on house in Mar 2015, ran a proclamation in a internal paper thanking friends and neighbours for their support over a detriment of their son.

Entitled simply “Andreas” and featuring a smiling sketch of a co-pilot, a brief content ends with a summary to their son in confidant letters: “For you: We skip we really most though we are and will sojourn in a hearts”.

They pronounce of a year “filled with fear and fear” though do not categorically discuss a 149 other people killed in a crash.

Jürgen Fischenich, whose son was on house a cursed plane, told a Bild daily that he could know a Lubitz family’s durability grief.

“But to contend appreciate we in open and not discuss a other 149 people this chairman murdered – we can't demonstrate how ignorant and unpleasant that is,” he said.

The kin of 24-year-old plant Sebastian S. expelled an indignant matter about a proclamation around their counsel and quoted by Bild.

“We can usually revisit a murdered son during his grave. In a Lubitz family’s countenance of thankfulness they report their son as a loving person,” they wrote.

“One couldn’t demonstrate a fury in words.”

Investigators found that Lubitz, 27, had a story of basin and suicidal tendencies and a box has lifted questions about medical checks faced by pilots as good as doctor-patient confidentiality.

Lubitz was authorised to continue drifting notwithstanding carrying been seen by doctors dozens of times in a years preceding a crash.

Several victims’ kin have banded together with skeleton to take a airline’s primogenitor association Lufthansa to justice in a United States, arguing that a depressive Lubitz should never have been authorised to fly.

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Article source: http://www.thelocal.de/20160404/families-outraged-at-tribute-to-suicidal-germanwings-copilot

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