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Far-left marchers face justice after battling cops

  • December 14, 2015

In all, 69 military and several demonstrators were hurt, military said. About 50 military vehicles were also damaged. Security army also done 23 arrests.

The Leipzig state prosecutor’s bureau is posterior charges opposite protesters for crack of a peace, Die Welt reported on Sunday.

“There are also other violations, though especially it comes down to this charge,” pronounced orator Ricardo Schulz. “There are a series of record opposite masked people who were throwing stones. This was an additional of violence.”

Police have been means to brand already some of those concerned in a aroused clashes and a review so distant is focusing on a severe demonstrators.

The clashes erupted on a sidelines of a protest, attended by about 1,000 people, hold opposite a neo-Nazi rally, that was attended by about 150 people.

The protesters from a incomparable convene clashed with military in several areas of Leipzig, throwing stones, environment off firecrackers, and restraint roads by burning trash. They also pounded firefighters.

Police responded by banishment H2O cannons and rip gas.

“The fact that rapist acts full of mortal fury took place during Advent on a categorical selling travel and impacted apathetic families with children while selling is intolerable,” pronounced Saxony’s interior apportion Markus Ulbig in a statement. 

“Whoever pounded military since they reject a order of law will feel a consequences in full force.”

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