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Fundamentalist reverend faces terrorism charges

  • April 13, 2016

Sven Lau, whose eremite coercion organisation in a Rhineland city of Wuppertal caused inhabitant and general snub in 2014, is indicted of receiving night-vision apparatus for a Syrian jihadist organisation famous as Jamwa, that has been related to Isis.

He was a “point of hit for those peaceful to quarrel and transport abroad, generally from a Salafist [fundamentalist] stage in a Düsseldorf civil area,” a statement from sovereign prosecutors in Karlsruhe read.

Lau, a German modify to fundamentalist Islam, also allegedly granted a Jamwa organisation with 3 night-vision inclination in 2013.

He done several trips to Syria himself and aided dual organisation in their travels to a war-torn country, a matter continues.

While tools of Jamwa have given fought opposite Isis, prosecutors contend that a bend Lau upheld stays an fan of a scandalous apprehension group.

Charges were filed during a top state justice in Düsseldorf on Apr 8th, roughly five months after Lau was arrested in Mönchengladbach.

The supposed “shariah police” organisation quickly went on unit wearing splendid orange vests in Wuppertal in 2014 before announcing they would close down in a face of widespread anger.

Although prosecutors investigated a case, they found that those concerned had not committed any crime with their orange vests, as they were not imitating military uniforms.

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