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Gay penguins left in assent after tact skeleton stall

  • April 14, 2016

“They’re gay, as distant as we know,” pronounced Berlin Zoo mouthpiece Christiane Reiss of penguins Stan and Olli.

“They never bred. And when it came to courtship, they usually corresponding with one another.”

Stan and Olli were brought to Berlin underneath a European Conservation Programme (EEP) in a bid to pierce some-more baby aristocrat penguins into a universe and safeguard a destiny of a species.

Stan (left) and Olli (right) graphic in their enclosing in Hamburg on Tuesday. Photo: DPA

But now they’re acclimatizing to their new life in Hamburg where they’ll be exclusively in a association of other males – including another homosexual couple, Juan and Carlos – and giveaway to be themselves.

Even their names have altered given a pierce to a primeval pier city.

“We’re job them Kalle and Grobi now,” Hamburg penguin screw Dave Nelde said.

Penguins, it seems, have been during a forefront of a quarrel for happy rights in Germany, where same-sex matrimony is not authorised and gay couples have really singular adoption rights.

Two happy penguins during Bremerhaven Zoo pushed boundaries, however, when in 2009 they “adopted” an egg that had been expel aside by a heterosexual pair, operative together to induce a baby.

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